Woodchuck - Groundhog, Chubby North American Rodent

how much would a woodchuck chuck


The groundhog is also called a woodchuck, and they are rather fat and chubby rodents. These chubsters usually share their meals with one another. While one eats, the other stays and keeps guard. They watch for any signs of danger like approaching coyotes or mountain lions. Even though they may appear slightly rotund they can still swim and climb well.



chubby munchster


They don’t really chuck any wood that’s just a rhyme. Their foods of choice are seeds, roots, bulbs, and tubers, or in other words just about any plant structure and also snails and grasshoppers. They usually live in forests in Alaska, Canada, and the southern and eastern parts of the United States.


woodchuck chuck in the grass


A young groundhog is usually born when spring is almost over. Newborns are usually born in litters of four or five. They grow very quickly and by autumn they are fully mature and have reached adulthood. Once they are big enough, the young are forced away from the parents’ nest. Males can stage pretty fierce battles come spring breeding time. The groundhog is known to live for about fifteen years.


nibbling flowers




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