New Monkeys Discovered

By encino - Posted on 27 January 2012

tree acrobat

Brown spider monkey - Colombia


Nothing brings more joy to our hearts than to know the new monkeys are being discovered all the time. This week we heard the good news about two different monkeys discovered on different sides of the world. One from Colombia, a rare brown spider monkey and the other one from the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Both monkeys are of the little-head, long-limbed type.


borneo new monkey

Miller's grizzled langur family in Indonesia


millers grizzled langur indonesia tree borneo


The one from Borneo, the Miller’s Grizzled Langur, was not actually a new species discovered but a species that was thought to be extinct but has now been found safe, sound and living. The recent photos and film taken of the monkeys are the only ones to ever exist although there is a museum specimen from days gone by. Researchers are not sure how many exist in the wild and how severly their continued survival is threatened. Hopefully, there are more packs of them hiding in the dense forests of Borneo where the forests have not yet been destroyed by human activity.


langur indonesia

Miller's grizzled langur


The brown spider monkey like other spider monkeys is sure to be an acrobatic tree-swinger. Two subspecies of the new monkey where found in the Selva de Florencia National Park in Colombia. Here again the researchers are worried about the habitat the monkey has been surviving in. Outside of the protected area of the park they may face the risk of human activities that destroy their ecosystem.



Brown spider monkey - Colombia


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