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Flying Gecko - Useful Skin Flaps

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Known as flying geckos or parachute geckos, the Prychozoon family are arboreal lizards who live in the trees of places like Borneo. They're known for their cryptic dark coloration and the complex webs of skin that surround their necks, trunks, tails, and all of their limbs. The tails are very long for a gecko and have serrated edges. The skin is speckled with white, brown, tan and black. The skin membrane serves two main purposes: one is that they conceal the flying gecko against trees and therefore protects them from predators; the other is that they are a mode of transportation.



good camouflage flying gecko


mottled flying gecko


When the gecko leaps from any distance above the ground, the flaps generate lift and allow it to control its fall. This gives it the ability to glide up to 200 feet (60 meters) through the air and swoop at the end to land softly. There are six species of flying gecko, all of which have become popular pets. Like all species of lizard, flying geckos survive mainly by ingesting insects, and are preyed upon by any number of the larger predators that surround it in the rainforest (that is if they can find the hidden lizards with their speckled camouflage).


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