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Krait - Likes Water, Deadly Bite

common krait


Kraits are a flat-headed, dark black or blue-black snake living on the Indian subcontinent. Striped with white or other lighter colors and averaging around 3 feet in length (1 m), these beautiful but deadly snakes are one of the few most notoriously dangerous reptiles in India. They, along with three other species (cobras and vipers) are responsible for the highest number of reported snake bites in all of India. Kraits have a bright natural sheen to their skin, and make their homes in a variety of places, including fields, jungles and even human settlements and termite mounds. They have an affinity for water, and are commonly found in standing or moving water, or in an area with direct access to water. That is not good news for people who like to use water too.



indian krait


Like other snakes, kraits have a diverse carnivorous diet which includes other snakes, rodents, frogs, lizards and small mammals. They even have been known to feed on their own young! Fact: kraits are nocturnal; and paired with their dark coloring this is a good indicator of why they are so dangerous to humans and animals alike.


banded krait

banded krait


Krait venom is a powerful neurotoxin which can cause muscle paralysis in its victims. Scientists say that if left untreated, a bite will be fatal between 70-80% of the time. Part of the reason for the staggeringly high mortality rate of their bites can be attributed to their method of biting: kraits will bite and hold on for extended periods of time, enabling them to inject lots of their dangerous venom into their victims.


black white krait





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