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Bearded Dragon - Spiny, Fun Pet Dragon

spiny neck lizard


Bearded dragons are reptiles native to the rocky and arid regions of Australia. You can identify a bearded dragon easily by the little ridges that outline their sides, they also have large triangular heads and flat bodies. Bearded dragons are omnivorous. They will eat what ever meal they can catch, whether it is an insect or plant. They have become more and more common as a pets because they are usually calm and friendly with people and do well in captivity.

One of their activities that is fun to watch is head-bobbing. They do this when they listen to Bob Marley, just kidding, it is usually when males want to show other males that they are the tougher lizard. Sometimes they can also changes colors and wave their claws at each other. They can grow to be 24 in (61 cm).



smiling beard lizard


close up flat head


baby dragons




spiny neck lizard





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