Unlikely Animal Friends

By encino - Posted on 21 March 2010

This is a look at some unlikely interspecies relationships. How do they meet? Not through the internet. Sometimes zoos and rescue centers need an extra mother for an orphaned young animal. Sometimes well-fed zoo animals are looking for some more playtime pals. And sometimes in the wild, strange things happen.


dog orangutan


boar with jack russell


tiger chimp


dog and pony show


dog with deer


dog lion cubs


dog and owl


dog parrot


dog pelican

wiener dog and pelican


dog pig


dog red pandas

dog with red panda cubs


the fox and the hound

the fox and the hound


giraffe ostrich

giraffe and ostrich


lemur and bird


lion circus horse

I wouldn't call these two friends, I am sure the horse would rather be somewhere else but circus trainers worldwide manage to pull this one off for certain short lengths of time.


mabel with her pups

Mabel the hen and her rottweilers


pelican tortoise

pelican and tortoise


serval and dog

serval and dog


sheep and elephant


owl parrot


bird mouse


kitten skunk


cat skunk


cat monkey


chimp cheetah


duck rabbit pig


dog dolphin


toad mouse



wombat kangaroo

Kangaroo and wombat, young pals



Who knew that tigers and pigs could be such friends?


tiger and pig


tiger and the pig


pigs and tiger


little pigs and tigers


little pigs


tigers and pigs




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