Shoebill - Giant Peculiar Bird of Africa



Also known as the "whalehead" or "shoe-billed stork" because of its similar appearance to the baby bringing bird, the shoebill is a large bird that lives all across tropical Africa. With a distribution that covers Sudan, Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania; and with isolated populations in places like Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Botswana. It is not very closely related to the stork, but closer to pelicans and herons.


Martial Eagle - Bird to Fear in Southern Africa



With a name that sounds like a professional wrestler and a wingspan that's more grand than its name, the martial eagle of Southern Africa is one of the most impressive birds in the world. Native to the sub-Saharan region of the continent, the heaviest bird in Africa weighs in as heavy as 14 pounds (6.3 kilograms), has a wingspan that has been known to approach 8.5 feet (250 centimeters), and a body length of about 3 feet (around a meter).


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