Gray Crowned Crane - Colorful Swamp Prancer



The gray crowned crane is an elegant bird that lives in Africa in the swamps south of the Sahara. The crane is about 3 1/4 feet tall (1 m) and has a magnificent yellow feathered crest on its head. The feathers on the body are gray while the wings are white and there are some yellow and orange-brown feathers on the tail. It has blue eyes and a red patch of skin on its throat.



Red River Hog - Bush Pig Will Eat Your Crops

red river hog


The red river hog or bush pig from Africa (Guinean and Congo forests) and Madagascar has a brown-red bristley coat with a white shaggy whiskers and a notable white stripe running down its back. It also has a long snout and long tufted ears and can weigh up to 250 lbs (115 kg).


three orange bush pigs


Hyrax - Semi-bulky Unique Mammal



A hyrax is the name of any one of the four species of small, semi-bulky mammals in the order hyracoidea; the four different species are the rock hyrax, the yellow-spotted hyrax, the western tree and the southern tree hyrax. They can be extremely noisy at times uttering all kinds of screams, grunts and squeals.


group on rock

Zebra - Why White with Black Stripes?


mountain zebras


Members of the equid (horse) family, zebras are any member of three different species who all can be identified by their distinctive black and white striped pattern.




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