Brown Hyena - Shaggy Scavenger

hyeana brunnea


The brown hyena differs from the other hyenas with its longer shaggy brown coat and mane. They have black stripes on their legs. They can often be found living alone or within a family setting. During the day they can be found sleeping in burrows which has been left unattended by another animal or else tucked away in the tall grasses.



Smalltooth Sawfish - Ocean Chainsaw with Fins

smalltooth sawfish Pristis pectinata


The smalltooth sawfish can be found lurking around in temperate to tropical shallow coastal waters, in the Atlantic coast of the US and in East Africa. Of the six species of sawfish, the smalltooth is the largest.


smalltooth sawfish underneath


Hyenas - Scavenger Mammals of Africa and Asia


Brown hyena - Parahyaena brunnea - has stripes on the legs only


Rhinoceros - Horns and Bulk

large rhinos


There are five species of rhinoceros left in the world. In Asia, there is the Indian, the Javan and the Sumatran rhinoceros. The Sumatran is the rarest of them all, and the Javan is a protected species, with only around 60 remaining. The Asian species have thick folded skin that almost appears to be battle armor. Rhinos have three toes on each foot.


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