Woodchuck - Groundhog, Chubby North American Rodent

how much would a woodchuck chuck


The groundhog is also called a woodchuck, and they are rather fat and chubby rodents. These chubsters usually share their meals with one another. While one eats, the other stays and keeps guard. They watch for any signs of danger like approaching coyotes or mountain lions. Even though they may appear slightly rotund they can still swim and climb well.



Musk Ox - Musky, Cold-Weather Bovine

large musk bovine


In prehistoric times the musk ox lived throughout northern Europe, Siberia and North America. It was largely wiped out though and now survives only in parts of northern Canada and Greenland. It has been re-introduced to Norway, Russia and Alaska and numbers are growing there.


musk oxen in the snow


King Crab - Alaskan Cold-Water Giants

giant alaskan on the sea floor


There are about 120 species of king crab but three types especially of Alaskan king crab that are important to the Alaskan fishing industry. They are the red, the blue and the golden king crab. The most desirable of the three for commercial fishing purposes, is the red king crab. Red king crabs have sweet, tasty meat, due to their size and cold water environment.


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