Sea Dragon - Unbelievable Floating Specters

leafy sea dragon yellow


The sea dragon is related to the seahorse and is one of the very few animals where the male carries the eggs for incubation. There are two kinds: the leafy sea dragon, and the weedy sea dragon. Both species resemble mythical dragons, due to their body shape.


Tawny Frogmouth - No, Its Not an Owl or a Puppet

small tawny frogmouth

Hello I'm a real bird not a puppet!


The tawny frogmouth is a species of bird native to Australasia, found across Australia and Tasmania. It favours tropical forested savannahs and open woodlands as its habitat. Often mistaken as part of the owl family, the strange-looking big-mouth is in fact part of the frogmouth family which is quite closely related to both nightjars and oilbirds.


Red Kangaroo - Largest Marsupial

macropus rufus


The red kangaroo is the largest kangaroo, the largest marsupial and the most populous kangaroo in the Outback. The males and females do not have the same color fur. That makes it easier for us to tell them apart, other animals should have thought of that. The female’s coat is blue-gray in color and the males are a rusty red.


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