Green Sea Turtle - Large, Dynamic Swimmer



The green sea turtle is a large, heavy-set turtle with a very wide and very smooth outer shell. Their habitat is usually tropical and subtropical coastal regions and waters. They can sometimes be observed leaving the sea in hotter climates to sunbathe on beaches.


chelonia mydas blue


Brown Pelican

diving pelican

Currently on the Endangered Species List, the brown pelican is found along the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf Coast of the US and Mexico, extending as far south as Venezuela on the Atlantic Coast, and to Chile on the Pacific Coast. Following the nesting season, the brown pelican can also be found northward – in Nova Scotia and British Columbia. The brown pelican's habitat is typically waterfronts, marina, sandy beaches and lagoons in coastal areas.

Donkeys - Wild Asses - The Noble Beast


The donkey or ass is arguably the noblest beast in all of the animal kingdom. The ass is sober, patient, cautious, intelligent, sure-footed, has good stamina and contrary to common belief is not stubborn. The dog may be man’s best friend but the ass is no stranger.


Wild Ass in Chile

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