Puffin - Not Penguin



The common or Atlantic puffin is a small auk, an animal resembling a duck and a penguin. They have large heads, a round body and an amazingly colorful striped bill. In the warm summer breeding season, they have a very colorful bright bill. In the winter, the bill can lose a little color and look dull as it sheds scales and shrinks a little while the face can even turn grayish.


Musk Ox - Musky, Cold-Weather Bovine

large musk bovine


In prehistoric times the musk ox lived throughout northern Europe, Siberia and North America. It was largely wiped out though and now survives only in parts of northern Canada and Greenland. It has been re-introduced to Norway, Russia and Alaska and numbers are growing there.


musk oxen in the snow


Green Frogs

tree frog

Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog


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