North America


Voles and Lemmings - Chubby, Herbivore and Prey

pine woodland vole


The voles and lemming subfamily includes about 140 different species of rodents. The largest is the muskrat. These rodents are found in North America, Northern Europe and Asia. The lemmings live most often in the most northerly regions. All of the species are mostly herbivorous and they usually live in groups or colonies.


Do You Know These Common Birds?

Do you recognize these common birds? Here is a collection of some of the most common small birds that you might see around. Sorry for those of you in other continents but these birds are common in North America, although if you live somewhere else you may still recognize some of them (especially in similar latitudes like Europe). In any case, it's fun to put names to faces and get to know different species (warblers, sparrows, finches, etc.) and see the similarities and differences between them.

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