Shoebill - Giant Peculiar Bird of Africa



Also known as the "whalehead" or "shoe-billed stork" because of its similar appearance to the baby bringing bird, the shoebill is a large bird that lives all across tropical Africa. With a distribution that covers Sudan, Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania; and with isolated populations in places like Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Botswana. It is not very closely related to the stork, but closer to pelicans and herons.


Gorillas - Nomadic Gentle Vegetarians


Gorillas are the largest primates weighing up to 430 lbs (200 kgs). They have enormous heads, long arms and broad powerful chests. Although they look quite fierce they are actually gentle, shy, vegetarians. They eat leaves, fruit, seeds, tree bark, plant bulbs, tender plant shoots, flowers and sometimes ants and termites.


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