Bangkok Snake Farm Brochure

The visitor's brochure from the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute and Snake Farm in Bangkok, Thailand:

Snake Farm 1

Snake Farm 2


More Types of Snakes

Baby Black Speckled Pal Pitviper

Baby Black Speckled Pal Pitviper - Source: Tad Arensmeier

Black Headed Python

Black Headed Python - Source: Tad Arensmeier

Snake Venom

Envenomed Foot

Envenomed Foot

Snake Types

There are 2700 species and subspecies of Snakes in the world. As a group, they lack legs, hearing, and movable eyelids. Having evolved from lizards, some snakes still possess skeletal remnants of legs. Snakes have a large number of vertebrae (180 to 435), most of which have ribs attached. There are 4 families of snakes: Boidae (boas and pythons), Colubridae (racers, garter snakes, rat snakes and many others), Elapidae (cobras, mambas, and their relatives), Viperidae (rattlesnakes and other vipers).

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