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Pumpkinseed - Bright, Punky Nest-Builder



The pumpkinseed is a colorful spunky freshwater sunfish in the perch family and related to the oceanic Mola mola. It has a bright orange or red dot on the outside of its gill. It can grow to be 10 inches (25 cm) long and is blue and yellow-pinkish with splotchy stripes. Along the dorsal fin are 10-11 spines. Larval insects, snails and other aquatic insects are its favorite menu items. Its teeth are especially adapted for munching on snails.


Catfish - Whiskered Wanderer of Murky Waters

squeaker catfish


Catfish are an order of diverse and interesting animals that are dispersed throughout the world. In fact, at least one species of catfish lives in the waters of every continent in the world, with the exception of Antarctica (and who can blame them!) Most species live in fresh water, and more than half of all species live in North and South America.


Australian Green Tree Frog - The Dumpy, Calm Frog



The Australian tree frog has a few other names like White's tree frog, or simply the green tree frog, but it's this last name we like best – the dumpy tree frog, because it is, well, dumpy. The frog was actually originally known by yet another name, the "blue frog" because a mistake in dead-specimen preservation led to the original specimens appearing to have blue skin.


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