Zoo Animals Predicted Earthquake

By encino - Posted on 05 September 2011

koala bear


Zookeepers and observers noticed that animals at the National Zoo predicted the recent quake in Virginia (the largest there since 1897). Notably, the red-ruffed lemurs where raising the not-so-often used alarm call minutes before the quake struck. Also, one orangutan began vocalizing its unhappy, irritated noise shortly before the quake.


giant bear


After the earthquake some of the animals remained on guard and hidden fearing further trouble while others continued with daily zoo life without worry. Apparently, the giant panda had no response or comment on the issue.

This is no surprise as people have been noticing that animals, with some of their better senses, are better tuned-in to some of natures rumblings. Before the large earthquake and tsunami around the Indian Ocean in 2004 many witnesses reported that the elephants and monkeys were headed for higher ground.


red ruffed lemur

Red Ruffed Lemur appearing alarmed


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